Troy Nixon

Head of Business Success & Development

“I’m Going To Be Your Biggest Success Story To Date”

Troy doesn’t lack conviction.

Not even when he was at his lowest point. He knew he could do more, have more and be more…

More importantly - he was able, willing, and ready to commit to whatever it took to get there.

By his own admission, he was “playing victim to his circumstance”.

That was 2 years ago. Fast forward to now:

Personal and professional standards have skyrocketed. He’s in the shape of his life, and his self belief is unstoppable.


Because he recognised when he was playing small, and called himself on it.

The lesson: action cures all anxiety.

The actions he took that day to hold himself accountable means Troy is now our Head of High Performance.

An indispensable part of the HPC team.

Troy is a living embodiment of what happens when you make bold decisions.


The Trojan/QM

Chilling out?

Read and go out for food, ideally Italian, Mexican, Asian or wings

Favourite book

Anthony Kiedis biography ‘Scar Tissue’

Least favourite exercise

Lateral lunge

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