We help coaches build their own High Performance Business so they can turn their passion, potential and purpose into profit, fulfilment and impact.

We have 3 perfectly designed programmes that’ll take you from general coach to building, growing and scaling a High Performance business so you can become the leader and create the business and life you know you’re capable of.

Joe Parish

I’ve been in the industry for over a decade now and walked the path from the gym floor, S&C coach & educator to building, growing and scaling two highly profitable online coaching businesses. My own personal mission is to raise and elevate the standard of the fitness industry which is the very reason I created the High Performance Coach in 2019.

I’ve been on the journey from coach, to business owner and now founder and have been able to develop the skills, principles and strategies that have now enabled us to carefully design and create the High Performance coach > business > founder roadmap so you can walk the personalised path to the business, impact and life you know you’re capable of.

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Our Coaches 3 Biggest Problems

Struggling to turn your passion into your profession? You’re struggling to find your voice and don’t know exactly who you’re speaking to, you rely on hope to get clients and you just want to get your business to a stable place first.

You want to grow and take on new clients but the thought of taking on more clients is overwhelming. You want to build and continue to deliver an exceptional service but you already feel like you’re doing so much. You fear taking time off and struggle to create predictable systems and leads to reach your next goal without burning yourself out or working more hours.

You want to become an industry leader, you’re in a good spot by most standards but you have a vision so much greater than where you are currently and now feel like you need the leadership, team, strategy, systems, processes and lead generation to scale and have an even bigger impact.

The High Performance Coach Roadmap



Our first priority is to help coaches turn their passion into a High Performance programme that helps you get clients, keep clients, deliver an exceptional service and build the lead generation systems that’ll take you to consistent 3+k months in 6 months or less.


Build a High Performance Business by installing the delivery and lead generation systems and strategies to sustain, scale and grow without burning out, losing fulfilment or spending every minute of the day doing check in’s or sending DM’s. Our mission isn’t just to build a bigger business, but a better business.



Leading 6 and multi 6 figure business owners to become better leaders and founders so they can install the operations, systems and team management to scale and grow their coaching company and still thrive across health, performance and relationships. Our mission isn’t one dimensional success but being able to be it all, do it all and have it all.

Here's what some of our coaches have to say...

"The business is absolutely booming, I'm fulfilled, I'm happy"

Liam Swales

"Since working with the HPC, my income from my coaching business has doubled."

Phil Anthony

"Now I can see theirs progression a year from now"

Ollie Russell

"I was on the verge of quitting...now the love for my business is back"

Kane Dawson

"We have a really clear vision of who we help."

Nicole and Michelle

"I've been able to streamline my business"

Denis Mac

Here's how we break it down

Phase 1


Helping you establish yourself in the market, deliver an exceptional service that keeps clients and build a retention and referral system that becomes the lifeblood of your business.

And we get you clear on EXACTLY who you want to help… How to create content that connects, generates consistent leads and converts.

operate with confidence

Build your confidence, reputation and profile. We’ll help you discover and attract the right customers into your business so you can generate leads and convert more followers into clients.

Build an incredible coaching product

Your product is your very best marketing. Being a High Performance Coach that delivers exceptional results and service is the most important foundation of not just getting clients, but keeping clients so you can build your business on industry leading retention % and consistent referrals. Your reputation of delivering is everything.

High Performance Systems

Your role is to coach, not spend your life on Canva. Remove the guesswork, get clear over EXACTLY what you need to run your coaching business so you can continue to onboard clients, deliver a great service and build the business foundations the right way.

Phase 2


For coaches that are consistently over 3k per month, have a strong base of coaching experience and want to stabilise, build and grow their coaching business to 7k+ months and want to work alongside a team of 1-1 designated experts.


Move from coach to leader in your field by building the offer, marketing and content strategy and lead generation systems that’ll attract, connect and convert high quality hero clients into your business.


Your reputation and brand is the heartbeat of your business. Developing your client fulfilment systems so you can deliver and enhance your customer experience and results without spending your life doing check-ins is a linchpin if you want to grow, scale and build a world class coaching community that your dream prospects want to be a part of and your clients don’t want to leave.

Stabilise and Scale

Getting to a certain level of revenue and profit is one thing, staying there and scaling is another. Install the High Performance business systems to stabilise and scale, so you can remove the guesswork, overwhelm and can continue to deliver unmatched coaching results and customer experience.

Work with a 1-1 specialist team of experts

We remove the guesswork by supporting you across every area of your business development on a 1-1 level. Your business is unique to you and requires a specific plan, strategy and support that’ll help you remove the noise and focus on getting to the next level of growth.

Phase 3


For 6 figure business owners that want more and need more. For industry industry leaders and innovators who want the highest level of support, consultancy and expertise to grow and scale their coaching company.

Become the founder and leader

Remove yourself as the biggest bottleneck by developing the leadership skills, hiring the right power team and installing the systems and processes to remove yourself from being the biggest limiting factor behind the growth of the company.

Done For You Systems & Strategies

A High Performance Business needs a High Performance Team. Work directly alongside our team of specialists and experts, so you can grow and scale with the right people around you. Your growth isn’t determined by how hard you work, but the quality of team performance and alignment.

Build & Deliver A World Class Coaching Service at Scale

Build your client fulfilment funnel so you can deliver an industry leading service at scale and continue to deliver an unmatched experience. What’s taken you to 6 figures won’t be the thinking, systems and strategy that’ll help you scale moving forwards. New levels requires a new level of performance and operation.

"I've developed as a person most importantly"

Emily Hardaker

"The impact I can now have is incredible"

Ben Herbert

"I would 100% recommend anybody to join."


"The ideas, the inspiration, the motivation is just top notch."

Joel Dovey

"One thing I love about the HPC is that they actually care."

Gary Daly

"I feel like I'm really being listened too."

Tom Charles Smith

Our Core Pillars


People buy people. You are the brand and business. When you get the person thriving, the people and profit will always follow. Your business ambition is limited to the energy, leadership and vision you have to give to it.


We coach the person, not the process. The most important piece of building a successful coaching business is your people and product. Working alongside your dream customers and being able to build relationships, deliver exceptional results and build a strong community built on retention and referrals will always be the foundation of how fulfilled you are in your business and how far you can grow and scale.


Your business profit is the key metric behind the stability, success and scalability of your business. Profit will always follow when you get the person > people > product right. This isn’t about having one good month, this is doing things the right way so you can create a business that allows you to live life, love life and set you and your family up for later life.

Our Promise to you


Helping coaches turn their passion into a High Performance Programme that helps you get clients, keep clients and build the systems that’ll take you to 3k+ per month in 6 months or less.


Helping coaches build a High Performance Business by installing the delivery systems and strategies to sustain, grow and scale to 7k+ months without burning out, losing fulfilment or spending every minute of the day doing check-ins or sending DM’s.


Coaching 6 figure business owners to become better leaders and founders so they can build, grow and scale their coaching company to multi 6 figures and still thrive in health, life and relationships.

What's included?

Your Own High Performance Business Growth Assessment
Personal Strategy, Plan & Clear Pathway
Personal Support, Coaching, Education & Clarity
Accountability, Reporting & Feedback
The Strongest Community in the Fitness Industry
High Performance 1-1 Personal Management
Live in person events across the course of the year
Plug N play playbooks that’ll save you a tonne of time and improve your customer experience
Content, marketing and messaging strategies
Personalised lead generation campaigns
High Performance Coach Development & Education
Systems & Processes to build, grow and scale

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