Joe Parish

Founder of the HPC

Joe is the founder of the High Performance Coach.

His vision is to elevate every aspect of a professional coach’s life.

Your impact, legacy and authority depend on it.

His concern is for you as an individual, first and foremost.

Then as a coach, able to serve your clients to the highest possible standards.

As an athletic leader, achieving exceptional performance goals.

Finally, as a business owner, creating stability and security for yours future vision.

Frankly, the physical transformation is the smallest promise he makes.

He believes that when we get the person thriving, everything else will follow.

That is an inevitable consequence of taking relentless action.

The only question that’s left to answer is, “what kind of person do you want to become?”


“JP” Although Leanne does call me “Joey”

Chilling out?

Eat out (our favourite thing to do), watch rugby, travel and explore & spend time with LP & Lola.

Favourite book

I love “legacy” by the All Blacks. Although I prefer a good documentary… my favourite: Pink (get it watched)

Least favourite exercise

Bulgarian split squats have to be up there…

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