Dan Reeve

Head of Athletic Performance

You’ll likely already know Dan by reputation.

He’s been coaching for over 2 decades and is rightly considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and well-regarded coaches in the industry.

That doesn’t happen by chance.

Dan’s travelled the world - spending well over 6 figures - to master his craft.

But he isn’t just a theorist, reading books and journals from behind a desk.

He puts into practice everything he learns. He “does the do” - and has incredible personal performance accomplishments to show for it.

Dan was Joe’s own personal coach for several years - which shows the level of skill and trust we all put into his professional standards.

Dan is arguably the original Hybrid Athlete that we all now admire.



Chilling out?

Beach walks / Brunch

Favourite Book

Tim Krabbé - The Rider

Least favourite exercise

Burpee Broad Jump

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