Why Your Client Check-in Process is Keeping You Stuck

In this episode I wanted to explore 'The Check-In Process'. It seems to be that the check-in process has just come as a standard part of the job for coaches. We feel like our clients place so much value on this process and it has become just a mandatory part of our service. But why is this?Disclaimer: Depending on your business and the type of clients you work with, these points may or may not apply to you. For example, body transformations or bodybuilding coaching may well have a time and a place for their check-in process.In this episode I explore 5 key points that us coaches may feel with our check-in process:1. It's often transactional, not transformational or timeless.2. You feel stuck and feel as if you can't grow.3. Your clients base the value of your programme on the weekly check-in.4. Your stuck on repeat. You feel as if you are saying the same things over and over again. 5. You're not actually presenting your very best self or coaching effectively.I then take a deep-dive into 6 key principles that we can now take into account with our new way of doing things. I hope you enjoy.